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Thank you so much for everything! I will if anything for sure. You’ve really helped me with my discipline which was really the main purpose for this for me. And with that, because of your help and support and encouragement, I’ve been able to love my body again, love eating, and get back to loving the gym which I was scared would never happen again. I really had no motivation at all before I did this. You’ve really given me the tools with handling my stress, feeling overwhelmed, and just balancing all the things that I set out to do. So just thank you for everything!!!! I really appreciate all that you do. You’re truly a model to follow because of your positivity and the way you help others
Brianna Tavarez
I wanted to take some time before our cycle ends to thank you for all of your guidance and support during these 8 weeks! After my first competition I was hit hard with post competition blues, I stopped working out because it felt like something I was pressuring myself to do- then I got pregnant with my son. After having my son I was up and down with the gym, didn't really care for it. Had short bouts of interest in it which I would then lose and let my laziness take over and to be honest a big part of me was fine with that. I was fine with it until I wasn't. So a week before my niece and I started with you we made a pact that we would start the gym and not give up. Then I met you. I was scared to start a program because I didn't want to end up the same way as I did post comp. I didn't want to struggle and I just wanted to enjoy eating and my time at the gym. And I was able to do just that working with you! It feels good to see myself making progress in the right direction. I'm so grateful for your flexibility with creating weekly meal plans (which I especially loved when there is a burger in the mix lol) and I honestly look forward to weigh-ins every week! These past few weeks have brought my love for fitness back and I’m so grateful for it because sitting on my couch, feeling lazy is not what I want for myself or to teach my children. In conclusion to this thank you text turned life story (lol) - it’s been a pleasure working with you. Love - Nathalie
Nathalie Soto
Never had a issue with having to reschedule or anything. Great personal trainer. She will work with you no matter what the concerns you have.
Peggy Smith
Kaela is an awesome trainer! I retired from the Army and decided to compete in the men's physique class. Not only did she whip my butt, but after a 13 week prep, I won both the open and masters class at the Adela Garcia! Our next challenge is at nationals and I wouldn't choose anyone else! #mytrainerisbetterthanyours #potentialfulfilledpersonaltraining
Kevin Keyes
Mikaela has helped me start my fitness journey and my love for fitness. Without her guidance and her patience I would not be where I am today! Kelly also helped me by helping me find the right tools to aide my body in the healthiest way!!!!
Heather Michelle Lemacks
Mikaela was the first trainer that I have ever had and she made getting back in shape a wonderful experience for me. She is a powerhouse of positive motivation! She is very patient and very determined to get you where you want to be. Thank you Kaela for starting off on my way to awesome!
Nuala Keanaaina Taylor
Mikaela was my first contest prep coach and I’m here to tell you I only have good things to say about this girl. She knows her stuff and she will be there for you when you need her. She is going to push you past your limits and show you that you are capable of way more than you give yourself credit for. She showed me my love for fitness and bodybuilding and she answered every question I had, which was a lot. This girl gave me the right tools to bring my physique to the best it’s ever been and I couldn’t have done any of it without her! She’s willing to work on prices and training sessions with you to fit your finances and your schedule. I could not have asked for a better coach for my first ever contest prep. Her and Kelly definitely know what they’re doing and I would highly reccomend either of them for anyone who is looking to do a contest prep or gain/lose weight, or just get into shape in general! #I️LovePotentialFulfilled
Christina Sandate Estes
Beginning of this year I wanted to take my fitness goal to a new level. I have been weight training for about 5 years, but was never strict with my diet. After training with Mikaela for the first time, I knew that she was the coach I needed to help me get to my NPC goal. Mikaela created a workout and diet plan that was specific to my body. She made alterations and recommendations based on how my body responded, her attention for detail was impeccable . Mikaela and Kelly pushed me beyond my expectations for myself. Mikaela was always quick to respond to my questions and concerns. Within 12 weeks prep, I lost 17 pounds without losing strength and saw even more muscle definition. At the Adela Garcia, Mikaela was right by my side all the way up to the moment I stepped on stage. Truly grateful to have found a coach like her!
Nhu Pham
I am 54 and was in ok shape. I had not been in a gym in years. Wanted to lose that last 10 lbs. Mikaela was awesome. She made me feel like I was capable. Built up my confidence . Not to mention I lost the 10 lbs and have never looked better. She also was great at making a plan that fit . I definitely feel more motivated then on my own. I feel that through this process I am given the guidance to not only make this a weight loss goal but a lifestyle change and transformation. Mikaela has always listened to my concerns regarding eating issues and has helped keep me motivated. Mikaela, you have been very easy to work with both online and in the gym. Thank you for being patient with me and you have my word nothing but 110% from here on out. Best trainer ever.
Cynthia Ross

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