Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Potential Fulfilled special?

I am  invested in my clients and want clients to enjoy the journey, one of my biggest goals. I work hard to make training sessions challenging, but enjoyable. I do not see fitness as a punishment in any way shape or form and do not believe in punishing a client for messing up.I  am very encouraging and am available 24/7 even if a client just needs a pep talk! I keep my credentials up to date and am always researching and working with other trainers to find the newest and most efficient training mechanisms!

Is online training as beneficial as in person?

I have had many clients have success stories through online training. Just like face-to-face training you have to hold yourself accountable. I offer several tools such as: weekly check ins, 24/7 contact for support and questions, access to my support group, and tutorial videos to help make programming as efficient as possible. Online training allows for complete flexibility within your schedule, so it’s perfect for busy individuals. No matter what route you go, you will have all the support and tools you need.

How long will it take to reach my goal?

Fitness should be thought of as a lifestyle and not a quick fix. As far as time is concerned it really just depends on your body and how much effort you are willing to put in. I am  going to give you all the tools necessary to succeed, but it is up to you to use these tools and be successful. Also, keep in mind once you reach your goal you have to transition into a maintenance frame of mind. You will have to keep up your new lifestyle and avoid former habits, that is why it is so important for me to put clients on programs that they can see themselves doing long term!

What are Potential Fulfilled training sessions like?

Each session is customized to fit your goal and each session is different based on the day. Aside from an overall goal I have to keep in mind how you are feeling for the day. Are you super sore? Anxious? Unmotivated? This all plays a part in how our workout will be. No matter what we will train hard, but we also want to train efficiently! As far as goals are concerned I train clients based on those goals, but do not limit them to a certain style of training only! Diversity is good for the mind and body; we have to keep the body guessing. As an example, if the main goal is weight loss we may incorporate plenty of circuit training, plyometric work, balance techniques, and any exercise mechanisms that will get the heart rate up and burn that fat. For muscle building we will certainly master the “muscle-to-mind” connection and really focus on what we are working and why in order to inspire growth. Each workout is unique to you and should be an enjoyable experience!

I’m really into fitness, should I do a contest prep?

#1 is have you done your research? Contest prep is very challenging even for the most seasoned athlete and in reality becomes a second full time job! Some questions to ask yourself are: Are you in an optimal emotional state to begin prep? Are you happy in your current skin and have a good relationship with training/food? Do you have family and friends who will support you through your journey? Have you researched post-show blues?If the answer to these questions are yes, you may be in a good position to begin a prep!

Does Potential Fulfilled offer any promotions or discounts?

I always try to make my training affordable and do offer plenty of opportunity to get a great deal! I am here to help you be successful and do not want finances to be the reason you don’t reach out! So keep your eyes and ears open for special incentives, especially around the holidays!I also provide a referral program as well. If you send someone our way and they pay half of their programming you will receive $100 cash!





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